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Navigator Announces Binding Open Season For Carbon Capture Project

Navigator CO2 Ventures LLC has launched a binding open season to obtain volume commitments to support a proposed new pipeline system that, upon completion, would be capable of transporting liquified carbon dioxide from initial receipt points at emissions capture facilities in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota and South Dakota to an initial sequestration site identified in Illinois ("Heartland Greenway Pipeline"). The open season began June 9, 2021.

Open Season Information Navigator is offering interested parties the opportunity to (1) make a long-term minimum volume commitment ("MVC") for transportation on the Heartland Greenway Pipeline and become a "Committed Shipper" on the Heartland Greenway Pipeline, (2) make an MVC for sequestration services at Navigator's permanent sequestration facility(ies), and/or (3) contract with Navigator to construct and finance the capture equipment to be owned by the shipper at each carbon emission and capture site.

A copy of the open season notice, which provides a high-level summary of the key terms set forth in the services contracts, can be found at Navigator's website

Copies of the open season procedures and the form services contracts will be available to interested parties upon the execution of a confidentiality agreement, which can also be found on the website.

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